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Specializing in Business Organization, Civil Litigation, Entertainment & Intellectual Property, Consumer Protection & Criminal Defense


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Andre Evans & Associates, P.L.L.C. is a full-service law firm in the areas of Civil Litigation, Business Organization, Criminal Defense, and Entertainment Law.  We also provide services in other areas as well. Over time, our team has developed a strong and far-reaching business network within the Business Community. We help secure judgments and settlements for our clients for civil rights violations, personal injuries, business disputes or tortious acts committed by businesses. 

Since its founding, this firm has diligently worked to provide its clients with preeminent and comprehensive representation.  As a small firm, we pride ourselves on developing a close working relationship with our clients and we make solving your problems our utmost priority.  

Our goal is to maximize our client’s growth potential and optimize their needs by providing astute and sagacious insight and experience in the covered fields.  We gladly inherit the burdens and problems our clients are faced with, whether they are capable of solving them themselves but want to reduce their workload or they are simply in need of our guidance and expertise.  Our mission is to provide each client with preeminent representation and work diligently to ensure they receive the results they want.  We constantly work to maintain a corporate culture, which reflects our values of high ethical standards, reliability and professionalism. 


Tel: (832) 941-1282

Andre D. Evans is an experienced attorney who limits his practice civil litigation, entertainment, consumer protection and criminal defense. The information on this site is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice about your own legal matter.  
Attorney Evans has successfully assisted clients in a variety of matters, from negotiating TV Show contracts, Intellectual Property, and Partnership Disputes to fighting to maximize settlements for personal injuries caused by negligence.
The resolution of many legal matters often in end settlement agreements. We have record of obtaining favorable settlement agreements for our clients and we always advocate in our clients' best interest. However, no settlement will be reached without first fully apprising our clients of the advantages and disadvantages of settling a case out of court.


Andre Evans & Associates Law Firm


3003 South Loop West Ste. 108

Houston, Texas 77054

Tel:  (832) 941-1282


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