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Entertainment Law


Having worked with several industry players and successfully negotiated contracts to meet the needs of his clients, Attorney Andre Evans is no stranger to the Media & Entertainment Industry.  Offering years of experience and a strong network of resources, we work to expand our clients’ growth potential, develop financial safeguards and promotional campaigns, and assist in creating a sustainable revenue flow for our clients. 

Attorney Andre Evans has in-depth knowledge of the unique issues that tend to surface in entertainment contracts.  Here, we will consult, negotiate, draft and enforce contracts and agreements that protect and promote our clients’ interests.  Our services cover a broad range including but not limited to: 

·      Agency agreements
·      Booking contracts
·      Domestic and foreign distribution deals
·      Entertainment finance structures
·      Facility use & Development agreements
·      Highlight & Performance reel production
·      Licensing agreements
·      Music, film and television contracts
·      Performance agreements                  
·      Producer & Production agreements
·      Securitization of music royalties
·      Sponsorship & Marketing arrangements

·      Talent Management agreements

·      Trademark & Copyright Protection

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